Thank you for your support for Negroni Week 2017! Please submit your silent bid for any of the aprons that the bartenders were wearing. Here's a quick description so you know you're going for the correct one:

Rhyse Borland (Sugarhall) - blue denim apron with a patchwork pocket. Proceeds will go to Alzheimer's Disease Association (Singapore)

Joe Schofield (Tippling Club) - white apron with black stripes and a blue raindrop-pattern pocket. Proceeds will go to Hagar International

Symphony Loo (Neon Pigeon) - colourful African-print apron with navy blue pockets. Proceeds will go to Save the Children

Charmaine Thio (28 Hongkong Street) - navy blue apron with a ducky pocket and a gummy-bear-coloured breast pocket. Proceeds will go to Singapore Association for Mental Health


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Auction closes 10th June 2359h. The person with the highest bid for each apron will be contacted within 5 business days. Payment for, and collection of the aprons will be at the respective bars.